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Optional message for site owner (100 characters max): I tried Vardenafil. My experience is as follows: 1) when the action ends Vardenafil, the effect of Cialis seems weak compared with Levitra, so I refused it; 2) better quarter tablets Vardenafil add 5-6 hours and just before going to bed to have enough in the morning and then one day in the same way. These options are checked by me. Tell me how long taking Vardenafil, albeit in small doses, but it turns around the clock? Can you at least sometimes without it? Doing a break? All the same, constantly drinking stremnovato, although this drug is proven vremenem.Interesno whether those who drink it for 10-12 years at least in the West? Good luck!

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Vardenafil helps people since 1995, is a certified drug sama, to the west a lot of grandparents taking this drug, contrary to popular opinion, this drug is well-established and the negative impact of even the weakened old body is not found

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Citizens, the question is - someone tried to take a variety of generic drugs at the same time? For example, three hours Cialis, and for an hour or more and Levitra Levitra? I read the instructions, there's only like Levitra is not recommended for use with other generic drugs. Do Cialis and Levitra are not recommended any medical name is unclear. Ran on the names of the forum, too, did not find a full answer. There are situations where for example Cialis, the stronger the effect, and then weaker. So you want to gain the right time to add on top of him Levitra. But scary - suddenly, instead of vice versa will gain attenuation. So, please share who have tried or read, what with what is possible, time sharing, the effect?

Interactions Cialis

A little out of topic, but ..... All of course depends on the organism. I have a 1 \ 4 Viagra Soft takes effect within 5-10 minutes and 4 hours minimum. Hence the advice: If at the right time did not load Cialis, chew 1 \ 4 Levitras software. 10 minutes delay will find something to do.

Side effects

A simultaneous reception of two generic drugs in reasonable doses to a healthy person probably is not dangerous. This is not advice or recommendation. Just my personal opinion. I and virtually no side-effects device (a bit of Cialis in the "horse-dose" as a whole tablet), and tried at the same time levitra and poppers. Absolutely can not do that! But I did not even feel it. It was an experiment to repeat it never will and do not advise anyone

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