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SLOVAKIA.ORG is a publication dedicated to presenting objective and non-partisan information along with balanced commentary about Slovak politics, society, history, culture, and economy, primarily in the English language. SLOVAKIA.ORG's goals are purely to educate the public about the Slovak Republic in an accessible and evenhanded way.

SLOVAKIA.ORG is a not for profit venture (as indicated by the top-level domain ORG) dedicated to disseminating information about the Slovak Republic and related issues; it is a wholly private enterprise with neither governmental, non-governmental nor political affiliations. We do not recommend, endorse, sponsor, or in any way support commercial products or services.

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The original creators of Slovakia.ORG would like to thank the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially S. Polonsky and T. Kralik of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Canada, for supplying them with materials and for statistical information. Further, information has been gathered from the CIA World Fact Book, U.S. Congress, United Nations, OECD, European Union, NATO and other international organizations. All reprinted articles are used under the auspices of the "fair use" clause, section 107, of the United States copyright law, and therein properly cited with source and hyperlink information.

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