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Andy Warhol wasn't born in Slovakia, nor did he ever visit the country, but his roots, however distant, are from the Presov region at the foot of the Carpathian mountain range. The man who was at the heart of the "Pop Art" movement, a New York City fixture in the 70s and 80s, avant-garde film director and magazine publisher, the most influential artist of the 20th Century and a visionary who had the gall to transform everyday American minutiae from its mundanely existence to the current priceless objects d'art. Read about Andy Warhol and his connection to Slovakia.

The Art Film Festival at Trenciance Teplice, is in its fifth year, just as the Slovak Republic is celebrating its fifth year of independence. The week long festival, as the name implies, focuses on cinematic works that embrace artistic elements. Although this may seem a broad definition, the films screened usually incorporate avant-garde and experimental methods. Not only unique in their method, the films usually focus on esoteric subjects that challenge contemporary conceptions of art. You won't find any Hollywood "wanna-be" films in the numerous theatres and screening rooms around the Spa town that hosts this event. The past jury selection members have included internationally renown directors and actors. Besides the great movies that are screened, make sure you indulge yourself in the soothing mineral springs that date from the Ottoman conquest, the therapeutic massages offered at the many resorts or just the idyllic scenery that surrounds this mountainous region of North-Western Slovakia.