Destination Management Companies

Traditional Bratislava based DMCs include Tour4U Bratislava DMC, travel agency Dowina, Supravia, all created in early 1990s. Satur is the former state monopoly operator. Slovakia Green Tours is British run and much younger.

If you want to experience some action, try one of two Bratislava's shooting ranges located in Dubravka (only 15 minutes from city center) and near village of Lozorno (about half an hour from city center).

DMC Enjoy Slovakia based in Pezinok just outside of Bratislava focuses on MICE.

In central Slovakia Discover Slovakia Tours are based in Zvolen, they arrange custom tours around the country. STOPA-STS work out of Banska Bystrica.

T-Ski are based in the High Tatras mountains. Pilgrim Tours also focuses on the High Tatras. is run by certified tourist guides in Sliac.