This is mostly a high mountainous region with the High Tatras Mountain range whose Gerlach Peak towers at 2655 meters. To the north is Poland and to the east is the Ukraine. To the south are the Low Tatras and the Slovak Paradise National Park.
The most well-known area is the High Tatras which has excellent tourist infrastructures to welcome the visitors who come to contemplate its beauties and to take advantage of its slopes which favor skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Spis, the Strazky Castle, the Cerveny Klastor Monastery, the wooden churches in Hranicne, Potoky and the historic center of Bardejov are the region's top tourist attractions.


Presov is an important cultural and historical center in East Slovakia. A Slav settlement, it saw the arrival of Hungarian and German colonialists and then went through a tumultuous period, notably in the revolutionary years of 1848-9. The elliptical shaped historical core of the city has been preserved and a part of the fortifications still exist today. The town center is decorated with dozens of Renaissance-style homes. Several important monuments can be found on the town square.

The Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicolas, dating from the 14th century, and the Evangelical Church, built around 1650 are remarkable for their interior decoration. In the middle of this same square is the imposing Neptune Fountain and a group of statues. The presence of a richly decorated Baroque palace should also be mentioned. Presov is also known for its floral decorations.

In the Southeast are the summits of the Slanske vrchy Mountains, of a volcanic origin. The largest tourist center is Sigord, located in the Delna Valley. The dam is the favorite area for the inhabitants of Presov who take advantage of the fishing and water sports available there. Going in the same direction is the little village of Zlata Bana where a World War II Museum is located. The valley offers numerous hiking possibilities and the view from the summit of Mount Simonka (1092 meters) is magnificent.

To the north of Presov are two fortified castles dating from the Middle Ages: the Saris Castle and the Kapusiansky hrad Castle.

Drienica and Lysa are two larger tourist centers connected by a funicular railway. There are several hotels here and a pool. It is also a large ski area, equipped, like all Slovak ski resorts, with snow-making machines.


This mountainous massif which extends into Poland contains some of the highest summits in Slovakia (Gerlach Peak at 2,655 meters, Krivan at2,494 meters and the Lomnica at 2,632 meters). Between the Krivan and the Lomnica Peak are 25 other peaks with an altitude of over 2,500 meters. The massif has several valleys which lend themselves to winter sports and hiking, or even mountain-climbing. The snow is abundant during the cold season and allows skiing up until the month of April and sometimes even later in the season. In a magnificent natural setting, superb hotels, meeting the most demanding standards, have been constructed at the foot of ski-slopes and on hiking trails. The panorama is exceptional, offering fabulous views of the massifs and the numerous mountain lakes. Everything here has been done to enable visitors to take advantage of the riches of this out-of-the-ordinary natural site. The different valleys form an integrated network and they are linked by bus and train. The train passes through very picturesque areas. The quality of the welcome here is excellent as well as the services offered.

The visitor can choose among several different categories of hotels, chalets or rooms in private homes. As a sign of the excellent quality of its ski slopes and ski resorts, the Tatras is one of the candidates to host the 2006 Winter Olympics. One further positive point is their prices which are, in general, quite reasonable.