Questions answered - Proof of medical coverage at Slovak border

Wendy, June 26, 2007
According to the slovak republic web-site you need proof of medical insurance at the border.
Also...Perry Visa says this is required...........
Are you aware of this?

Andrej, Team, June 26, 2007
Hi Wendy,
This requirement is checked rarely to never and is relatively recent.
Should the rare situation arise that the border police would request proof of medical insurance, you would need documents showing that your US policy includes coverage for you as indicated (all hospitalisations and medical treatment). I.e., a policy valid in the US that covers travel abroad with minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 would meet the requirement. A policyholder card along with a description of coverage would be ideal but in all honesty, as long as the traveler is in fact insured in case an actual medical emergency occurs I would not worry about anyone requiring the proof.