Slovakia offers the visitor a multi-faceted and enchanting country. It possesses a rich cultural and historical patrimony, as witnessed by the sites protected by UNESCO. Several fortified castles, constructed during different historical eras, are located in exceptionally beautiful sites. Most of them have been restored. Each city has one or several museums which allow visitors to discover Slovakia’s cultural treasures, and rich fold traditions. These treasures carry the mark of the many historical and artistic movements which have enlivened Europe. It is, however, the beauty of the nature in the Slovak Republic which, first of all, strikes visitors. This country, with its dynamic and efficient economy and its large industrial base, knows how to preserve and respect its natural riches, thus proving its deep attachment to ecological issues and, therefore, its modernity. It is within this framework that Slovakia offers a complete and varied list of activities for tourists, easily accessible thanks to an integrated network of communication and transport routes (airports, trains and buses), which leave no part of its territory isolated. In winter, because of abundant snowfalls, skiing becomes a favorite sport in Slovakia with its vast ski areas, which are easily accessible and which offer all modern conveniences and security. Top-level equipment in an exceptional natural environment (the Tatras) makes it possible to welcome skiers from neighboring countries as well as Western Europe (including a large German clientele), and all of this at very reasonable prices. Another activity enjoyed in the mountainous regions of Slovakia is hiking which allows the visitor to discover the impressive landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains and to take advantage of the national parks and state nature preserves.


Slovakia is also well-known for its spa towns. The best known of them, Piestany, attracts visitors from all over Europe and internationally. Discover also some of the biggest caves in Europe (caves and ice caves). Many other activities await you. In the pages that follow, we offer you a look at Slovakia from a tourism standpoint, region by region

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