Slovak National Anthem

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The score for "Lightning over the Tatras", the Slovak national anthem, was written in 1844 during a trip by students of Bratislava's Evangelical Grammar School to Levoca in support of Ludovt Štúr. The author, Janko Matuška, set his words to the Slovak folk song "A Well She Dug" and the work became the favourite song of Štúr's young followers. It was circulated in hand-written copies and is found in many manuscript song collections. Based on a popular melody and written in standard Slovak, it became known across the nation and was adopted by the Slovak volunteers of 1848, who printed it as a pamphlet. In December 1918 the first stanza became part of the national anthem of the Czechoslovak Republic and since 1st January 1993 the first two stanzas have constituted the national anthem of the independent Slovak Republic.