Alcohol Beverages


Although the Slovaks do not consume as much as their Czech cousins, the tradition of beer brewing has strong roots in the country. Dozens of brands, mainly from local micro- breweries, can be found across the land. Most establishments stock local brands made within the locality.

Suggestions: Golden Pheasant (Zlaty Bazant) is a fine Pilsner exported around the world and Corgon, a lager beer, is a favorite among the European crowd.


Even though viticulture is not one of the most significant branches of Slovak agriculture, its importance has gorwn in recent years. It is known for its rich traditions and particularly high quality wines coming from several vineyard regions. Wine-growing and wine-making are also of historic importance for Slovaks and Slovakia. About two thousand years ago the ancient Romans brought wine-growing to our region. At that time wine, wine-growing and wine-making were very popular and also highly respected. There are three main wine regions in Slovakia: a large region in the south west, on the Hungarian plane, a small region between Bratislava and Trnava and an Eastern region near Mala Trna.

Suggestions: See 2007 article in The Napa Valley Register reviewing several quality Slovak wines. See wines included in the National Salon of Wine selection of 100 best Slovak wines. If you are interested in buying one of the Slovak wines online, try Wineshop.


Among distinguished Slovak spirits, the most favorite is a plum brandy called Slivovica, aged for three years in oak barrels. Another leading brandy is a genuine juniper brandy called Borovicka which has a taste similar to that of dry gin.

The quality of Slovak brandies varies from poor to excellent. The best brandies are well matured, rich in aroma, and excellent in taste.

Suggestions: Karpatske Brandy Special. Made from eau-de-vie of the best wines in the region. It matures after five years in small oak barrels and then the aged eaux-de-vie is blended. After blending the second maturing follows. The brandy is aged for another eight years before being ready. Karpatske Brandy X.O. is an exclusive blend of the best eaux-de-vie made from local wines. It is aged for at least 10 years. It has delicate smell with a hint of vanilla and dried fruit, and is comparable to the best brandies in the world.