Theatre and opera are of a high standard.

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Coffee and cake at the Old Town
A short walking tour takes you through the narrow Old Town streets and lanes to the Museum of Old Clocks housed in the Rococo house „At the Good Shepherd’s". Refreshment - coffee and cake - is served at cafes around the Old Town.
Small train city tour
A popular attraction for tourists who prefer sitting to walking. A drive in an electric train criss-crossing the city offers a lot of fun and a new experience. To give you a real picture of the whole city, the drive can be followed by a walking tour through the pedestrian precinct of the historic city centre.
Folklore Evening
Dinner at a Slovak country style restaurant or wine tavern with specialities of Slovak cuisine and regional wines. Folk dance and song performances, introducing of non-traditional musical instruments like whistles, bagpipes, drum.
Old Slavic Evening
Medieval candle-light dinner. For supper specialties using our grandmother’s recipes. Performance of Old Slavic Renaissance Music, liturgical songs. Art and crafts product demonstration, exhibition and sale of pottery, table cloths, lace, Easter eggs decoration.
Coronation Festivities
Annual event on the first weekend in September commemorating the coronation that took place in Bratislava in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Coronation processions reenacts the festivities.
A Knights Tournament
Performance of the Warrior Arts and Handicrafts League demonstrates the historical fencing style of the group.
a) A large open-air demonstration at the ruins of the Devin Castle (August)
b) Indoor performance during the feast in one of the historical Bratislava palaces.
The Danube White fleet
The Danube has always attracted peoples at the place where frontiers of three countries converge. It was also a frontier line of the mighty Limes Romanum, studded with camps, castles and towers with look-out posts. Cruises on the Danube by hydrofoil steered by skilled captains of the white Danube fleet offer a unique experience.
A pleasure cruise down the stream
will take you to the labyrinths of the Danube branches between Bratislava and Komarno, where you will discover a genuine beauty of the Danube landscape with an abundance of rare flora and fauna.
Cruise up the stream
You can enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube landscape between Devin and Hainburg castles. Cruises are available from the end of May to mid-October.
Evening cruises with music
A sailing caf is a unique opportunity to listen to music and dance. Refreshment is available on board. Cruises start in mid-May and last till mid-October.

Regency Casino (Crowne Plaza Hotel) - 2 Hodzovo namestie (Square)
Casino Cafe Reduta - 3 Mostova (street) The Bratislava Casino in the beautiful Reduta building is open for the fun-loving tourists.
Olympic Casino (Radisson Blu Carlton) - Hviezdoslavovo namestie (Square)


Restaurants and other catering establishments are many and varied including cafs, buffets, snack bars, inns, ale houses and wine taverns. All restaurants are graded according to quality. The main meal of the day is usually lunch, comprising soup, a main meal and desert. Tipping: A 5-10% tip will be discreetly accepted.

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